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31 December 2023
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Carolyn and Simon

We are used to travelling with our own dogs so we are very aware of the difficulties of booking truly dog friendly holiday accommodation. That's why we set up Lebanon Cottage to be super dog friendly rather than just dogs tolerated.
That means a secure garden, a paddock to run in, a tap to wash down muddy or sandy paws, access all areas, and a great welcome for your dog as well as you. 
If you bring your dog with you on holiday, we just have some simple guidance. We ask you to please respect the property as you would your own home, do not allow your dogs to damage furniture and fittings and clean up any dog hair. If damage is caused a charge may be made. As we do have non-dog owning guests, please ensure that dogs arrive free of fleas and freshly groomed / bathed to ensure there are no lingering odours or little 'friends' left for the comfort of future guests. 

Dogs welcome in St Just

You may be asking yourself how dog friendly is St Just and the surrounding area? So here is what we think.

Dog friendly beach at Long Rock
Dog friendly beach at Long Rock

St Just is surrounded by a network of paths to the moor or to the sea.

We are just over a mile from the South West Coast Path and many of Cornwall's lovely beaches are open for dogs all year including Long Rock, Porth Kidney and Gwenver. The rules on many of the other beaches are different depending on where they are - some do have a complete ban from Easter to the end of September, but many allow dogs on the beach in the early morning and evening during this time, such as at Sennen Cove.

All the pubs in St Just allow well behaved dogs, and there are a couple of cafes that welcome your furry friends.


West Cornwall Dog Training

Ever thought of a Traincation?
If you want do some training with your dog while on holiday contact us at West Cornwall Dog Training. We work with guests and visitors on all sorts of training while they are down here.

Dogs welcome and dog friendly cottages in Cornwall

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